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This Sculpture is still Conceptual and is at present a third of its final intended size.  The round bowl is 1.6m in diameter.  Total height is 2.2m.  The bowl is intended to be 5m in diameter, level with the ground and the figures measuring a minimum of 2.4m in height.

The three figures in this sculpture are inspired by the simple yet powerful rock art of the Khoisan. Khoisan society was generally egalitarian, never having designated leaders but making important decisions as a group. The Khoisan lived in close harmony with nature and never took more than they needed. Their lifestyle should be a model to us all as they always “tread the earth lightly” and are one with her. Members of the group filled with a particular potency were shamans. During a trance dance the state of consciousness of the shaman would be changed through hyperventilation, heightened concentration and intensely rhythmic dancing. This ritual was performed by shamans before hunting, healing and as a vehicle for rainmaking.

I depict three transcending trance dancers: a female mantis, male hawk and male eland. The steel lines pointing to the sky suggest upward energy and transcendence: the potency rushing from them into the unseen ancestral world. This work is further energised by the fact that they spin around and overlap each other’s energy fields. This movement symbolises the rain dance, creating a wonderful dynamic, trance dancing, always in a circular movement.

The circular shape that the the figures have been positioned in, is the most perfect natural form, symbolic of natures cyclic patterns.  These cyclic patterns of repetitive assurance which we have somehow forgotten caught up in our present linear existence.  Within the circle we find the crescent moon filled with the softest of white sand.  It is intended that the viewer becomes an active part of the sculpture when walking between the dancers, turning them.

Magically entwined in dance while listening to the sound of dripping water signifying the coming of precious rain, an awareness of his or her foot prints and what they leave behind is awoken within the viewer.


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