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NEITHER FISH NOR MAN – The water seeker is a creature born of water, desperately searching for the cause of the slow disappearance of his life-source.  It clings to a water pipe, desperately trying to open a hydrant-like shape to halt the march of the ever receding water.  Water drips from the hydrant at no more than a single droplet every few minutes.  This droplet is symbolic and forces the viewer to question and reflect on the shortage and necessity of water on our planet which affects all life forms.

Neither fish nor man, its body is covered in over 10 000 hand punched individually soldered fish scales.  The patina of the lead is a beautiful silvery grey, very fish-like in character.  The Water Seeker is positioned over a highly reflective, circular base.  The circle being sacred as the most perfect of shapes having no beginning and no end, symbolizes the cycle of life.  The circle is also suggestive of the perfectly round ripples created when a droplet falls into water.  The droplets that fall every few minutes fall into a deep dark hole never to be seen again.  The reflection in the mirror symbolizes truth and self realization; reflection being the gateway to the realm of inversion.  Opening up the possibility of tracing back and undoing mankind’s destructive path in time.

Sculpture Title:  Water Seeker (Lead)|   Sculpture Edition No:  1 of 1|  Date of Release: 2013|  Sculpture Materials:  Lead, Silver Solder, Galvanised Mild Steel & Glass Mirror|  Sculpture Size:  Height – 220cm, Diameter – 120cm|

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